The Best Flexible Job Positions for Nurses

Nursing jobs can be demanding and restrictive due to the full-time requirements most nursing staff must follow. However, the evolution of modern medical practices has led to a rise in more flexible nursing positions. Flexible nursing positions do exist and require the same skill level as in-clinic nurses.

For a high-demand industry like nursing, finding ways to make your team’s work more effective for their needs without inhibiting their ability to work can be an excellent way to draw more professionals to your clinics and services. In addition, searching for more flexible options for your nursing staff can even go a long way to give them a healthier mental state and prevent depression and alleviate stress.

Here are the top three positions that are most available for nurses seeking a flexible job:

#1: Telehealth Nurse

One of the most common flexible nursing positions is a telehealth nurse. Telehealth nurses often enjoy greater freedom and comfort than full-time, in-hospital nurses. They offer traditional nursing services like scheduling appointments, consulting with patients, and providing pre, and post-surgical care services.

The differentiator is that they provide care over telecommunication via phones, e-mail, or video chat. This means of communication allows registered nurses to fulfill their role remotely and affords them greater liberties and comfort that other full-time nurses do not get to enjoy. This freedom also means the location they work from is flexible, and they are not expected to be in the hospital when providing their services.

#2: School Nurse

While working as a school nurse may not be your first thought for a flexible nursing job, it does come with a surprising degree of freedom.

Working as a school nurse not only grants nurses minimal oversight and allows them to control the treatment they provide to the students, but it also gives them a less busy work year. This is because they are bound to the school schedule, meaning they receive weekends, holidays, and the entire summer off. In contrast, full-time nurses in hospitals and clinics have more unreliable schedules and time off. 

#3: Home Nurse

Working as a home nurse is a flexible and comfortable position since nurses are solely responsible for tending to a single patient rather than working within the hectic and unpredictable schedule of a hospital. The most significant benefit is that a nurse can work from the comfort of their patient’s home rather than a hospital. Nurses can work independently and maintain direct control over the care they provide to their assigned patients.

Nurses can also coordinate with their agency to specify their schedule with their patients in a way that offers them greater flexibility and freedom to tend to their responsibilities and their personal life with minimal conflict. While looking after a patient from their home can be a challenge, it can be one of the more rewarding and flexible nursing alternatives available.

Does Your Agency Need Help Filling Nursing Positions?

Nursing work is a highly demanding industry with little room for compromise. However, some options will allow nurses to better live their lives without making work concessions. However, finding qualified professionals who can fill these roles can be just as challenging as finding a flexible position. If you are struggling to find nurses who can fill these different positions, we at Fidé have made it our mission to find talented and skilled nursing professionals and put them in positions where they can help the most. So, contact us and see how we can help you to help others.

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