Looking to Retain and Attract Top Talent in Healthcare? Here Are the Top 7 Benefits for Healthcare Workers

The healthcare industry is currently one of the most competitive industries in the job market. There is an increasing need for more healthcare workers and little talent available to choose from. To find top talent in the field, organizations will need to readjust their benefits for healthcare workers—big time. 

By 2024, the healthcare industry’s employment rate is expected to grow by a staggering 19%. On the other hand, the Association of American Medical Colleges reports that there will be a shortage of 17,800-48,000 physicians in primary care and a shortage of 21,000-77,100 physicians in non-primary care specialties within the next decade.

With more and more organizations seeking out talent in the healthcare field and limited candidates in the market—it’s more important than ever for those organizations to ensure their benefits packages are as competitive as possible.

Top 7 Benefits for Healthcare Workers:

Competitive Compensation

Employees in the healthcare field know their worth. These days, the majority of job seekers in healthcare are only applying to those jobs with competitive salaries. Compensation that reflects market median indicates the organization truly values their hard work. Organizations need to make sure they’re paying competitively for each of the roles they’re trying to fill. Premier, a company that analyzed healthcare data for the Wall Street Journal, found that the average nurse salary rose by: 

  • 2.6% in 2019
  • 3.3% in 2020
  • 4% in 2021

Raised salaries can be attributed to the increasingly high demand for healthcare workers, high turnover rates, and worker fatigue.

Wellness Initiatives

Professionals in the healthcare industry have higher than average rates of stress, burnout, and fatigue, leading to massive turnover rates. To help combat these common issues, organizations need to make sure they provide wellness initiatives as a benefit for healthcare workers.

Whether it’s offering employee assistance programs, mental health services, or fitness memberships, wellness initiatives are an essential part of recruitment at the moment. They give candidates a sense that they will be valued and taken care of throughout their tenure at your organization.

Top-Tier Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most influential benefits you can offer to an employee—and even more critical to healthcare workers. Healthcare candidates know precisely how expensive healthcare can be, and it’ll be essential for them to see that they’re covered. If an employer only offers low-quality health insurance, they risk losing a qualified candidate to a company with better benefits for healthcare workers.

Great Company Culture

Company culture is a crucial factor healthcare workers consider before accepting a job. If employers are serious about having a great culture, they need to ensure their team feels like they’re part of it. One way organizations have found success in cultivating an inclusive and welcoming culture is through providing opportunities for:

  • Community: companies should celebrate wins, host special events, and give back to their community.
  • Fairness: create an environment where everyone has a fair opportunity to grow.
  • Trust: ensure your team trusts and feels trusted by your management.
  • Innovation: employees want to work at a place that is open to new ideas.
  • Compassion: showcase how you care about your clients and employees.

Work/Life Balance

A healthy work/life balance for healthcare workers is vital due to the industry’s high rates of stress, burnout, and fatigue. Healthcare candidates want to know that they will have their needs met at work and have time to enjoy their personal lives.

Creating a work/life balance can help an organization retain top talent and attract the best candidates. Most importantly, it helps healthcare workers feel valued in their role at their company.

Reimbursement for Professional Development

Professional development is incredibly important for all of your employees—and healthcare workers, in particular, know that. They want to know that they will be paid for their education or training as part of their benefits package.

By offering discounts on continuing education, certification renewals, and other classes to help support their workforce, your organization is demonstrating that you’re willing to invest in the future of your employees and support their ongoing training.

Are You Seeking Top Talent in Healthcare?

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