We Found Your Next Best IT Technician – Don’t Let Them Go!

At Fidé, we know we can deliver you the top talent you need to keep your IT department running smoothly and efficiently. But the candidates we find are in high demand—and they know it. In today’s candidate-driven job market, it is more important than ever to create a solid hiring process. Our team wants you to be confident in your hiring efforts so that whenever we send an IT Technician your way, you can act quickly to seal the deal with a successful job offer. 

Below, we’ll discuss how Fidé can be your solution to locating top IT talent for your business and how, with our help, you can successfully hire the talent you need for your company.

How Fidé Locates Top IT Technicians

At Fidé, we have a three-step process that ensures we find the right hire for your business—every time:

We Take Time to Understand Your Hiring Needs

Every company is different, with its own unique business model and HR needs. First, our team works to gain a clear understanding of your company’s culture, industry, and business goals. Our objective is to create a detailed profile of the type of candidate you’re looking for to ensure we send you only the best prospects for the job.

We Locate Top Talent and Conduct Extensive Screening

Once we understand your hiring needs, we will set out on our next phase: searching for qualified candidates. With our expertise and experience, we have an extensive network of contacts, which allows us to quickly locate IT technicians in all major markets. We review each application from our diverse talent pool and narrow down our selection by conducting a rigorous screening process, eliminating those candidates who are not a good fit for your company, or who are otherwise underqualified for the position.

We Follow Up After Each Placement and Provide Continuous Monitoring

Our final phase of the process is crucial to your business’s success—and ours. We will be there with you every step of the way after you hire an IT Technician, monitoring their performance and working with you to help them succeed. Our team wants to ensure you are getting the most out of your new employee and maximizing their potential in their new role. We provide routine follow-ups to ensure your team has the support they need for success.

If You Don’t Act Fast—You’ll Lose Out on Top Talent

In our experience, we’ve found that identifying the right IT technician for the job isn’t the hard part. The most difficult part of hiring IT technicians is updating the employer’s process between screening and making a competitive job offer. 

While it is still very important to be secure in your hiring decisions, these days, employers are making hiring decisions much faster. They’ve updated their hiring process in response to several factors that are working against employers seeking new talent:

It’s a Candidate-Driven Job Market

Candidates have the upper hand in today’s job market—and they know it. As a result, they are expecting a competitive salary and benefits. Those employers who haven’t revisited their median offer may find their offer languishing while the candidate considers more favorable proposals.

That is why it is essential to build a competitive offer in-house so that once you’re prepared to hire, you can do so quickly with the support of your internal decision-makers so you don’t risk losing a valuable candidate to another company with a more lucrative compensation package.

Job Seekers Are Receiving Multiple Offers

It is highly likely, candidates aren’t just speaking with you. There are many open IT positions out there that companies are moving to fill aggressively and the candidates you’re talking to are most likely receiving multiple offers from other companies. 

In the past, when employers had more candidates than they could hire, they could afford to scrutinize each hire with multiple interviews and take their time before making an offer. But those days are over. When you find a candidate you like, the more quickly you act, the better chance you’ll have of making the hire.

It also helps to make sure your offer is very competitive with today’s job market so that your job opportunity looks much better when compared to competing offers.

There’s a Shift in Work Expectations

Today’s professionals want more than just a good paycheck—they want stability, work-life balance, and to feel valued by their employers. They want to know that their employer has a good company culture and solid leadership.

But there is often no way a candidate could know any of this with only the limited information available during the interview process. So today’s candidates will be looking closely at your interview process as an indication of what working at your company would be like. Those candidates who have a bad experience during the interview process are using that experience to inform what working at your company would be like, in the long term. All these factors are contributing to help the candidate determine whether they want to accept an offer or not.

Secure the Best IT Technicians with Fidé

Our team at Fidé is confident we can find your next best IT technician and help secure the talent you need to keep your business running smoothly. We will work with you every step of the way to locate your next superstar employee and make sure they integrate seamlessly within your company culture. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more about how Fidé can help you find the best talent for your IT department.

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