If you have questions, it’s likely they have already been asked in the past. We have put together this guide of FAQs in order to provide a resource for all of our candidates! This list is constantly being updated and added to. In order to get your questions answered faster, please check this list before reaching out to your recruiter.

You will receive an email from inviting you to our online portal. You can access your account at and log in with your credentials. Your username and temporary password can be found in the same email. If the email is deleted or you cannot find it, please reach out to our IT Department by sending an email to with the subject Login Retrieval, to retrieve your login.

Our medical professionals will be paid weekly once they start working. Pay is deposited on the first Friday after the close of the pay period.

You can access your pay stubs on ADP’s website. Click the three lines on the top corner of the mobile app, select Myself > Pay > Pay Statement. There you can change your tax withholdings and deductions as well.

Every week, Sunday to Saturday.

Saturday at midnight, anything after will be processed the following week.

All deposits are made on Fridays, two weeks in arrears. You can expect your first check three weeks after your start date.

No, stipends will be paid weekly as you are paid for hours worked.

No, you should only be logging worked time. Commute time to and from work is not an action for which you clock time.  If you are required to travel as part of your job responsibilities during scheduled worked hours, you will be required to log this time.

Send an email to Please add your full name and a detailed explanation of the issue.

This will be specific to each candidate’s assignment. Please contact your recruiter for more information.

While on personal leave, Fidé does not reimburse rapid testing fees incurred upon return.

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