We’re honored to provide these rapid response success stories and solutions for healthcare systems around the country that continue to combat nursing shortages. During times of crisis when speed to placement and an ability to pivot is critical; MSPs are simply unable to meet high volume demand. In addition to our standard healthcare staffing, Fidé has placed over 2,500 Rapid Response travel nurses to facilities experiencing a critical need due to the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic. Depending on the specific compliance criteria, Fidé is able to have “boots on the ground” travel nurses at your facility within 72-96 hours after the job order has been approved. If your hospital or health system is currently experiencing critical needs, please contact us immediately.

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New York City

In April of 2020, we were contacted by the largest public healthcare system in the US: NYC Health & Hospitals. With COVID-19 in its first wave, we acted fast to deploy 200 qualified healthcare professionals within 72 hours of our initial phone call and 400 additional nurses over the next 3 weeks.

We went on to place over 1,800 nurses in the system in addition to a wide range of providers, locum tenens, and C-suite administration. Additionally, we were proud to play a small part in New York’s recovery effort by providing invaluable school nurses and some of the first vaccine nurses in the country. We have continued to partner with NYC Health & Hospitals for ongoing recruiting and staff support.


As COVID-19 swept into the Great Plains, we pivoted from big cities to big skies. Our team was able to help small-town healthcare facilities around North Dakota find the nurses they needed.

The cold weather didn’t slow us down! We were able to send 400 nurses within the first two weeks to rural areas that are traditionally affected by a persistent scarcity of qualified medical staff.


As the Delta Variant began making an impact in Florida, we stepped in to help hospitals desperate to lower their patient ratio. Our ICU, MedSurg, and PACU nurses worked fast to save lives and ease the burden on facilities in the Greater Orlando area. Fidé provided 100 Crisis Response traveler nurses in 72 hours along with nearly 300 travelers within a 1 month period.


After our successful deployment of travel nurses in Florida, we were contacted by healthcare leaders in Arkansas. Our team worked hard, leveraging a deep talent pool and great referrals from existing candidates to find the very best nurses to help in Arkansas. Fidé provided 90 Crisis Response travel nurses in 96 hours and continues to staff for their more consistent healthcare staffing needs.


Our team acted fast to help Atlanta hospitals find the nurses they needed as COVID-19. created strains on their nursing staff. Fidé provided 100 Crisis Response travel nurses in 96 hours with ongoing staffing support. We continue to send weekly rounds of nurses to the Greater Atlanta area.