Information Technology


We help facilities big and small with their information technology talent needs. Whether you need a custom software developed or just a small database managed, we can find the best talent for your job.

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At Fidé, we know that a good IT department is crucial to your workflow.

Experienced in Understanding

We pride ourselves on getting to know your company and connecting you with talented professionals. Our recruiting team has a diverse background of knowledge in the Information Technology sector. We’re able to provide talented professionals for whatever level of expertise you require. At Fidé, we know that a good IT department is crucial to your workflow. That’s why we seek out the very best candidates and run a full employment screening before our contractors get to work.

Screening & Monitoring

The first thing we’ll do is have an in-depth meeting to define your needs. Our Talent Advocacy team will then review each and every application to ensure they meet your precise requirements. After starting, we will continue to monitor our candidate’s performance to make sure that you’re satisfied.

Timing & Flexibility

We work with your schedule. Some of our clients experience predictable hiring trends while others fluctuate. Whether you need talent in an instant or over a long span of time, we have pipelines of professionals ready to help meet your needs. Contact us with your requirements and we can find the right professionals when you need them.



You don’t have to scramble to find the talent you need. Qualified, committed professionals in a wide range of specialties are just a click away.