As they say, timing is everything. That is especially true in sourcing and hiring nursing staff for your hospital or medical clinic. When you need nurses, you need them right away. Like yesterday. But when considering nursing candidates, it pays to remember the significant impact they can have on your patients as well as their colleagues. When you’re in a hurry to hire, the best strategy is to keep a strong focus on your values. Sticking to your values is the best way to ensure that the nursing staff you hire are the most talented in their field and will be the best fit in your company.

In addition to taking a thoughtful and value-driven approach to the hiring process, medical and healthcare employers also need to consider ways to support and retain their existing nursing staff. Here’s a look at some of the ways everyone can nurture and support their team.

Serve as an Advocate for Nurses

As we’ve been recently reminded by the pandemic, the work nurses do is crucial to our country’s very survival. While they are taking care of all of us, we want to ensure we’re taking care of them. Consider creating a Nurse Advocacy Team (or something similar) to help nurses with every step of their job. Whether it’s to help them develop their professional goals, or it’s just talking through difficult days on the floor, a Nurse Advocacy team could be an incredibly valuable resource for nurses.

In addition to being a great way to keep in regular contact with nurses, creating a culture of advocacy for your nursing team is a key to identifying possible training programs, classes, or certifications they may be interested in. Staying in touch with our nurses in the field provides a wealth of knowledge about their daily life and is among the most valuable ways we can support our healthcare workers throughout the country.

Develop and Maintain Relationships Just like recruiting and staffing for nursing, successful healthcare teams are more likely to thrive when they develop and maintain long-term relationships with their nurses.

Strong relationships are built on a foundation of trust, and trust comes over time. Earning our nurses' trust means keeping them in the loop from day one and maintaining complete transparency at every step along the way.

In nurturing our long term relationships with nurses, we can more effectively serve our nursing teams. Therefore, our teams of nurses can more effectively serve our patients. Much like the best nurses, it pays when we do the right thing, even when it’s not convenient or when nobody’s looking.

Constantly Demonstrate Empathy

Every nurse has a completely unique set of needs that must be addressed. To fully understand the needs of our nursing talent requires empathy—and lots of it.

This means considering all the different variables that may impact a nurse's new position in your organization, things like the health issues specific to that community, the local culture, and any specific opportunities or challenges the position may pose to your candidate.

At fidé, we pride ourselves on actively listening to and truly empathizing with our nursing candidates. We take inspiration from the very best nurses who regularly display empathy in their interactions with patients and colleagues. We need to treat them accordingly.

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