As you probably know, there are an abundance of jobs available in healthcare. In fact, healthcare employers often have a difficult time filling all of their vacancies, which is the primary reason why they turn to staffing agencies for help. However, there are many other reasons why employers trust staffing agencies to provide candidates. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to identify qualified applicants and then go through the recruitment process to promptly fill available positions. This is a challenge in all types of healthcare organizations. The speed in which services are needed far outweigh the speed in which healthcare employers are able to fill positions. Even when organizations endeavor to hire new employees on their own, they may simultaneously use the services of a staffing agency for help.

What healthcare employers understand is that staffing agencies have a bigger pool of candidates from which to choose. Agencies that consistently search for qualified talent are more likely to identify individuals that have the competencies detailed in the job description. That’s because they usually maintain a candidate database detailing the qualifications of different professionals in healthcare, including their education, credentials, skills and strengths. By partnering with a staffing agency, employers have a much wider pool of applications from which to choose. A top priority of healthcare employers is making sure they hire people with the right credentials and skill set. This is often no easy task. Working with a staffing agency enables healthcare employers to do the following:

  • Build a talented team of healthcare professionals
  • Provide quality patient care
  • Achieve operational goals

Key Reasons Staffing Agencies Are Beneficial to Healthcare Employers

When you specialize in recruiting and hiring, you get really good at it. This is the case with staffing agencies. We are exceptionally good at judging the qualifications of potential employees. Many staffing agencies spend a good amount of time finding qualified talent and assessing their abilities. Agencies can screen candidates a lot faster to make sure they have an accurate understanding of their work history and overall qualifications. This goes far beyond just reviewing the information that’s provided on a resume or application. Staffing agencies dig deeper to thoroughly screen candidates. This is for the benefit of both the employer and the potential employee because the goal is to make sure it’s a good match. Staffing agencies also work on behalf of job seekers to ensure their needs are met. The best case scenario is to find a candidate with qualifications that perfectly match an employer’s needs. It’s often a great solution for all parties involved. Healthcare employers get the candidates they’ve been searching for, healthcare workers find the job they want and the staffing agency fulfills their purpose. This is what we do on a regular basis.

As a staffing agency, we understand the importance of meeting the needs of both healthcare employers and nursing staff, especially given our focus on travel nursing. We are experts at meeting the needs of the people we serve. Another reason why healthcare employers truly value staffing agencies is because they don’t have to worry as much about hiring unqualified healthcare workers. Healthcare organizations are in the business of saving lives, often providing a long list of healthcare services. When a position is posted online, companies usually receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of applications. This can be difficult to manage, even when they have applicant tracking systems that simplify the process.

Staffing agencies take on what would otherwise be a heavy burden for healthcare employers. The end result is finding candidates that are more likely to succeed because they have the education, required licensing and experience needed to perform the duties within the job description. When healthcare employers are looking to fill a position, they often like to have a selection of candidates, which is precisely what staffing agencies aim to provide. This is a much easier task for employers than handling the entire process on their own. Employee turnover is costly and should be avoided. When an employer partners with a staffing agency, they have a greater chance of finding qualified talent. This also happens to be why it’s beneficial for nurses to work with a staffing agency. A greater number of opportunities will be presented and there’s a much better chance of finding the type of position desired.

We understand the needs of healthcare professionals. If you’re a nurse looking for a travel nursing role, you’ll appreciate the support provided by our team. To learn more about how we can help, give us a call today @ 651-622-1219 or contact us.

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