The shortage of nurses in the United States is a pressing issue, particularly affecting rural communities. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this challenge, and projections indicate a 28% increase in demand for Registered Nurses (RNs) over the next seven years. Rural hospitals, facing hiring pressures and an inability to match urban pay scales, find themselves at the epicenter of this crisis. At Fidé, we've observed successful strategies that rural medical clinics and hospitals in Middle Tennessee and Nashville have employed to attract qualified nursing talent.

Nursing with a Sense of Purpose:

Nurses are inherently driven by a sense of purpose. Rural communities, often underserved, present a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to make a profound impact. The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health notes that rural nurses report higher job satisfaction and are more likely to stay in their positions. Highlighting the rewarding experience of serving those in greater need can attract professionals seeking a fulfilling career.

Demonstrate Community Impact:

Emphasize the role of nurses in bridging the disparity in access to care. Showcase how nurses in rural areas contribute to telehealth sessions, enabling them to connect with patients who might otherwise struggle to access healthcare. Illustrate the positive impact on patient care when nurses are intimately involved in the community, providing not just medical expertise but also a deeper understanding of patients' lifestyles.

Emphasize Autonomy:

Rural healthcare settings can offer a higher degree of clinical autonomy compared to larger urban institutions. In recruiting discussions, stress how your organization values clinical autonomy and provides nurses with the freedom to practice to the fullest extent of their license. Concrete examples of improved patient care through nurse autonomy can be powerful in attracting talent.

Highlight a Value of Culture:

Internally, promote a team-based culture with collaborative decision-making processes. Showcase team-building activities and regular meetings that foster a supportive working environment. Externally, encourage cultural awareness among healthcare workers to provide better medical care to patients from diverse backgrounds. Emphasize the sense of being a valued member of both the healthcare team and the broader community.

Engage the Nurse's Family:

Acknowledge that nurses often consult their families when making career decisions. Address family-related challenges, such as childcare, by offering flexibility. Showcase the community's family-friendly aspects, including local attractions, schools, parks, and libraries, to create a holistic picture of the potential new home.

Tailor the Message to Middle Tennessee and Nashville:

Localize your message to Middle Tennessee and Nashville by highlighting specific attractions, benefits, and opportunities unique to the region. Leverage the local pride and distinctive qualities of the community to make it an appealing destination for healthcare professionals.

Provide a Call to Action:

If you are a rural organization in Middle Tennessee or Nashville actively seeking registered nurses, reach out to us at Fidé. Let's work together to fulfill your staffing needs and create a positive impact on healthcare in our communities.

Attracting travel nurses to rural hospitals requires a multifaceted approach that taps into their sense of purpose, demonstrates the community impact of nursing, emphasizes autonomy, highlights a value of culture, engages the nurse's family, and tailors the message to the specific charms of Middle Tennessee and Nashville.

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